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School Year 2023 Scholarship information has not been posted yet. Please check back later in the year for updates to this space. 

Little Compton School Committee

Scholarships Application 2022




What to Submit:

This application becomes valid only when the following have been submitted by the due date:

  1. Completed application including all sections 

  2. Transcript of high school grades, including GPA and weighted GPA

  3. If you are applying for the Anthony Raposa Education Trust Scholarship, include a recommendation from the High School Principal or Guidance Counselor.


How to Submit:

Choose one of the following ways to submit your completed application: 

Wilbur & McMahon Schools

℅ School Committee Secretary

28 Commons – P.O. Box 178

Little Compton, RI   02837



You are responsible for seeing that all supporting documents are submitted in a timely manner. Only applications found to be complete as of the deadline will be reviewed. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS.

Local Area Scholarships 2022

Scholarship Little Compton - Deadline April 20, 2022

Providing Scholarships to Little Compton Students Pursuing Higher Education.


2022 - 2023 Scholarship Little Compton Application



Little Compton Grange Scholarship - Deadline April 30th, 2022


Little Compton Grange Scholarship Link

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