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Information Technology

At Wilbur McMahon School, we prioritize the integration of technology into our educational framework, ensuring that every student from Pre-K to eighth grade is equipped with the tools necessary for a comprehensive learning experience.

School Technology

Student Technology

Every student is provided with a touchscreen-enabled Chromebook, accompanied by a protective case and a charger

Interactive Learning

Each classroom is furnished with an interactive Promethean board and document camera, elevating instructional methods and providing students with an engaging learning environment

Digital Learning

The IT department manages Single Sign On for dozens of applications, as well as rostering for the majority of our e-learning platforms and resources used by the school, such as online libraries, virtual labs, and course management systems


IT operates a helpdesk assisting students, teachers, staff and families with technical assistance, also providing a similar service for main office and maintenance needs

Professional Development

We provide and coordinate ongoing technology training sessions and workshops for faculty and staff on a variety of topics

Seamless Access

Students are granted an official school email account, facilitating seamless communication and access to applications, tailored to suit the needs of each grade

Simplified Logins

To ensure that our younger learners can access our technology, students in grades Pre-K through 3 are provided with specialized QR Codes for easy, password-less login

Network Infrastructure

Providing management of the school's IT infrastructure, including Wi-Fi, routing, servers and network applications, HVAC, lighting, security and access control


We maintain state-of-the-art cybersecurity protocols, ensuring that all devices, networks, and platforms adhere to industry-leading security standards. We continuously monitor and update our systems in response to evolving threats

Our Staff

Jonathan Gabriel

Director of Information Technology

Josh Guay

Helpdesk Assistant

Meriah Dufur

Data Manager

Need Help?


Shared Services

At Wilbur McMahon School, our IT department not only caters to the evolving needs of our academic institution but also diligently serves the broader town community, encompassing vital sectors such as the police and fire departments. Our mission is to ensure seamless technological integration and robust cybersecurity measures across all town functions, fostering efficiency, safety, and innovation.

  • Unified Communication Systems

  • Public Service Portals

  • Digital Record Management

  • Critical Response Technologies

  • Infrastructure & Network Oversight

  • Systems Continuity and Backup

  • Helpdesk and Support

  • Cybersecurity Compliance
  • Specialized Training
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