The faculty and staff at Wilbur McMahon School are committed to being your partners in your child's education, and  whole-community participation is crucial when it comes to the social, emotional, academic, and intercultural development of all children.  It really does take a village to support all children in becoming their best and highest selves! 

    At WMS, bullying prevention is a priority year-round with a variety of programs. This starts in the classroom with Open Circle, a Social, Emotional Learning (SEL) curriculum for grades kindergarten through 6.  Open Circle is incorporated into the curriculum during an extended homeroom every Friday. WMS' specialists, special educators, co-curricular teachers, and Teaching Assistants have also completed training and are paired with homeroom teachers to support and be a part of  Open Circle  -- making it truly school wide in grades K-6. 

    In grades 7 and 8, WMS has implemented Choose Love, which teaches students to manage their emotions, set goals, show empathy and make responsible decisions.   Choose Love  is part of the curriculum two times per week and is run by Counselor/Social Worker Mary Elizabeth Miller and Ray Marcotte, the school's Student Assistance Counselor.

    In addition to this year-round programming, WMS hosts a wide array of in-school and off-site cultural experiences. Here is a sampling of this year's programs:

    Pushed Learning and Media recently presented a program to our 7th & 8th Grade Students (https://www.pushedlearning.com/). Here are some video clips, produced in Rhode Island,  from Pushed Learning and MediaSegregation and Its Impacts;  Cultural Appropriation and Internalized Racism. 

    Len Cabral, Storyteller -- http://www.lencabral.com/about/ -- brought his Weaving Words Connecting Cultures program to Wilbur McMahon. The students were in rapt attention!

    Sixth-grade Alton Jones Team Building trip: through problem-solving activities that stress cooperation, students develop leadership, communication, planning skills, and build trust with one another.  Concepts include teamwork, communication, cooperation, community, and trust. 

    As a complement to this year's whole-staff shared read, Culturize, we are integrating ASCD/ACTIVATE's Embracing Diversity: Effective Teaching course content into our on-campus Professional Learning Communities.        

    Last fall, Restorative Practices Training (part of the 2019/2020 school year Professional-Development Plan) began for all WMS Staff.  By the end of the school year, Certified Staff and Teacher Assistants will have completed 10 hours of PD leading to a Basic Restorative Tools Certificate, which includes content focused on cultural sensitivity. (https://yrpofri.org/).

    At WMS, the critical work around empathy, diversity, and cultural sensitivity is ongoing and integrated across content areas and grades for whole-school progression.  Thank you for supporting the school's efforts to nurture and sustain a community culture that celebrates the values of kindness, friendship, and empathy.