Meeting Agendas

  • UPDATE: Due to COVID-19, we are urging the public to join our meetings virtually. The scheduled public meetings will be conducted using Zoom, a free tool for virtual meetings.

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    Meeting Agendas, Minutes and Video

    for meetings scheduled after July 1, 2019.


    For meeting content from before July 1, 2019, please see the sections near the bottom of this page.

    Little Compton School Committee agendas are posted at the Wilbur McMahon School and the Brownell Library, as well as electronically on the Secretary of State's Open Government website.

    In the event of technical difficulties, please contact the School Committee Clerk, Meriah Dufur at 1-401-239-9487 or

    Annual Notice of Meetings Calendar Year 2021





School Committee Members, Liaisons and Sub-Committees

  • School Committee Members: Polly Allen, Travis Auty, Hannah Ayotte, Rita Kenahan and Mike Rocha.

    • School Committee Chair: Polly Allen
    • School Committee Vice Chair: Rita Kenahan
    • School Committee Secretary: Hannah Ayotte


    • Contract Negotiation Sub-Committee: Rita Kenahan and Travis Auty
    • High School Contract Negotiation Sub-Committee: Mike Rocha and Hannah Ayotte
    • Policy Sub-CommitteePolly Allen and Hannah Ayotte 
    • Portsmouth School Committee Liaison: Hannah Ayotte
    • Town Recreation Committee Liaison: Rita Kenahan
    • Safety Sub - Committee: Polly Allen and Mike Rocha
    • Scholarship Sub-Committee: Rita Kenahan and Mike Rocha
    • Wellness Committee Chair: Rita Kenahan
    • School Improvement Team (SIT) Selection Committee: Polly Allen

Meeting Agendas before July 1, 2019

Meeting Minutes before July 1, 2019

Meeting Videos before July 1, 2019

Meeting Artifacts before July 1, 2019

Meeting Workshops before July 1, 2019