• School Committee Professional Development Opportunities  



    • Save the Date! RIASC’s Annual Meeting May 7, 2022 Crowne Plaza Hotel

    The Program includes professional development recognition and the presentation of the Howard Kay Award to an outstanding school committee member. Earn PD credits for attending!

    • Visit www.nsba.org to register for NSBA’s Annual Meeting in San Diego, CA, from April 2 to April 4, 2022.

      • RIASC members will grant professional development credits to attendees.


    • Building a Positive Work Environment

      • Tuesday, February 15th, 10:00AM - 11:30AM
        This workshop, led by Allison Butler, Ph.D., will help managers, team leaders, and other public officials build and foster a positive work environment and effective team dynamics through strong internal and external communication.

        In this workshop, participants will learn how to defuse negativity, communicate effectively, and manage difficult people to ensure an effective and healthy work environment. Register Here
    • Robert's Rules for Online Public Meetings

      • Wednesday, March 16th, 10:00AM - 11:30AM
        This workshop will prepare municipal and education leaders to understand and follow parliamentary procedure, including during virtual public meetings, to ensure an efficient and collaborative approach to governing.

        Led by Evan Lemoine, Professional Registered Parliamentarian, this workshop will present an overview of standard parliamentary procedure along with best practices for using digital meeting technology.
         Register Here
    • Write On: Professional Correspondence for Public Officials

      • Wednesday, April 13th, 10:00AM - 11:30AM
        This workshop will help public officials create action-oriented emails and consistent correspondence that communicate more effectively and produce results.

        In this workshop, we will go over how to analyze situations and audiences, strategize content, create impactful subject lines, prioritize important information, and proofread professional correspondence to save time and increase efficiency. 
        Register Here 


    • The following links will show you the most up to date list of prerecorded professional development opportunities specific to the state of RI.

    • Duties and Responsibilities of the School Committee and the Superintendent (Atty Jon Anderson)

      • Our attorney Jon Anderson led a discussion on school board function and a primer on education laws as well as state laws pertaining to government ethics. It was covered during the Dec 9th, 2020 school committee meeting under agenda item 9.2 (starts around 1 hour and 11 minutes into the video recording). The link to video recording is: https://youtu.be/doprDo4Ru7c  
    • RI Annual Open Government Summit - Friday July 30th, 2021

      • You may watch the summit recording with this link.. RIASC members will be granted 3 hours of professional development for attending or viewing the seminar.
    • RIASC’S 2021 ANNUAL MEETING - May 8th, 2021 

      • Recording coming soon
      • Topics at the meeting will include a history of equal rights in Rhode Island; the Equity Leadership Initiative, and the elimination of cultural, ethnic and racial bias in school committee policy development. The program also includes the presentation of the Howard Kay Award for outstanding school committee leadership and the recognition of graduates from RIASC’s Leadership Academy. RIASC’s  Annual Business meeting will also be part of the program.

    • RIDE Presentation on School Improvement Teams

    • Promoting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

      • This workshop will highlight the importance of diversity while providing public leaders with the tools to recognize and address inequities and biases that impact the development of policies and personnel decisions. Recorded on May 19th, 2021
      • https://vimeo.com/553415156


    • Introduction to Municipal Finance, with the Rhode Island Public Expenditure Council.




    • Communication Strategies for Effective Leadership

      • Join Allison G. Butler, Ph.D., and municipal leaders from across Rhode Island for a workshop on effective communication during a crisis.This session highlights the importance of connecting with external groups, especially constituents, in order to maximize the potential of your communications. The session provides tips, tools, and takeaways, relevant to municipal communications.https://vimeo.com/471108212


    • The Empathy Toolkit: Stakeholder Mapping & Communicating Effectively During Crisis

      • Recorded July 16th, 2020 for the Rhode Island Association of School Committees and education leaders throughout Rhode Island. This workshop highlights the importance of developing empathy for key stakeholders as a foundation for effective communication during an evolving crisis. Participants engaged in mapping techniques to identify and empathize with key internal and external stakeholders. Participants also learned how to generate a communication plan to engage and inform others based on stakeholder analysis. The session concludes with a review of additional empathy-based tips, tools, and takeaways for effective communication during crisis, and an opportunity for participants to share their own best practices with other attendees. https://vimeo.com/440784434






    Please email School Committee Clerk, Meriah Dufur, if you would like to register for an event or have any questions.